May 7, 2013

Flowers for Mother

Here is a CT PTU tag I made using the scrap kit Flowers for Mother by Alexis's Graphic Palace. In addition I have attempted to write a tutorial. This is my first time writing a tutorial, so please be kind. LOL

The creation of this tutorial is my own, any resemblance to any other tutorial is strictly a coincidence.
Do not copy this tutorial or claim it as your own. If you would like to share it, please share the link to my blog.
This tutorial is written using Adobe Photoshop CS5 and is for those with a working knowledge of Photoshop.

Supplies Needed:
Flowers for Mother scrap kit by Alexis Graphic Palace, you can find out where to purchase it at here

Any tube of your choice. I am using Springtime by Alex Prihodko, which can be purchased at PicsForDesign. You cannot use this tube without a license.

Mask by Chas, which you can get here.

Font used is Blessed Day, you can get it at Dafont.

 One thing before we start. I will say drag and drop elements onto your canvas. In Photoshop it is possible to do this instead of having to copy and paste like you do in other programs. But if you are more comfortable copying and pasting, then by all means do what is easier for you.

Now that you have what you need and I’ve babbled enough, let’s get started.
Open a canvas 600x600. (It can have a white background or transparent. The choice is up to you. I work with a white background, then delete it when my tag is done.)
Open your mask and select paper 8 and create your mask.  Drag and drop onto your canvas. Position it in the middle.
Next open your tube, choose the color selection you want (the tube I am using has several color layers. I went with the violet dress and used the flowers that were optional. Again, drag and drop onto your canvas. Position where you would like it to be. I have mine slightly to the right of my canvas. Add a drop shadow.
Blend Mode – Multiply.
50% opacity
5 = Distance
0 = Spread
5 = Size
Now choose Frame 5. Rotate 90 degrees, drag and drop onto your canvas, positioning it behind the tube add a drop shadow.
Add the Happy Mothers Day word art positioning it on the upper left hand corner of your canvas. It will lay partially over your frame.
Add a Lilac drop shadow at 120 angle.
Normal blend mode
75% opacity.
0 = Distance
10 = Spread
15 = Size
Open element 30 and position it at the top of your canvas placing it behind your tube and mask.
Open element 29 and position it at the bottom of your canvas. Place it behind your tube and mask.
Take element 20, position it behind the tube in the upper left hand corner of your canvas add a drop shadow.
Blend Mode – Multiply.
50% opacity
5 = Distance
0 = Spread
5 = Size
Open Element 20 placing between your tube and the frame on the upper right hand side of your canvas. Add a drop shadow.
120 degree angle.
Blend Mode – Multiply.
50% opacity
5 = Distance
0 = Spread
5 = Size
Take element 28, rotate it to the left to -81.4 degree angle. Resize to 53.2% height and width. Add a drop shadow. Same as above.
Place it in the upper left hand corner under your word art. Position it to your liking.
Open element 5, 8, add a drop shadow, resize and position on the bottom left corner of the frame.
Element 8 is overlapping on top of element 5.
Take element 15, resize it and place on the lower left side of your canvas, not on the edge though. Add drop shadow.
Then take element 1 resize it place on the left side in front of element 15. Add drop shadow. Copy it, then apply the horizontal command to it, placing that one on the right side of element 15.
Open element 02, drag and drop it onto your canvas. Resize it, turning it horizontally and place in front of element 1.
It will look like a small bouquet when you’re done.
Take the element 33 drag and drop it onto your canvas, add a drop shadow. Resize it and place it on the lower right hand side of the canvas.
Drag and drop element 18 onto your canvas. Resize it placing it behind element 33. Drop shadow is optional. I chose not to use one.
Take element 32 resize it placing it over the word art on the ‘y’. Add a drop shadow then erase part of the top of the lock to make it look as if it’s been hooked onto the ‘y’
Open element 37 and rotate it to 14.3 degrees, add a drop shadow and place over the frame by her left elbow.
Open element 40, drag and drop, add a drop shadow then resize placing it inside the frame, between the body of the tube and the frame.
Open element 04, drag and drop, add a drop shadow resizing it to your liking. Place it under the word art over the frame.
Take element 04, drag and drop adding a drop shadow. Angle it –16.7 degrees. Resize it, placing it on top of the frame but underneath the word art.
Open elements 13 and 09. Place them on your canvas. Making sure element 09 is on top of element 13, resize it so that it fits ‘inside’ element 13. Once that is done, resize both of them placing them on the right side of the tube, bottom right area. Add a drop shadow on element 13 only.
Open element 26 resize it and place it behind element 04 and behind the tube.
Open element 27 resizing it and place it behind the tube. Duplicate it and place it at the top of the from, keeping it under the tube.

Now let’s place your font. I typed in the name using the color lilac. Go to your blend options. Check the stroke button, this gives it an outline. I chose the dark purple for the color. The size is 3.
Position is outside
Blend is Normal
Opacity is 100%
Now check the Bevel and Emboss box. I used the default settings.
Check the Drop Shadow box again going with the default settings.
I also checked the Inner Glow box, using the default settings.
When you are finished with all that, click okay.
Add the copyright for your tube making sure it’s legible, add your own watermark and you are finished. I hope this was easy to follow.

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