July 5, 2013


CT/PTU tag using Pink Paradox Productions Gypsy Girl Scrap kit.

The creation of this tutorial is my own any resemblance to any other tutorial is strictly a coincidence.
Do not copy this tutorial or claim it as your own. If you would like to share it, please share the link to the site this is posted on ONLY.
This tutorial is written using Adobe Photoshop CS5 and is for those with a working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial can be adapted for anyone with a working knowledge of PSP.

Before we start, I will say drag and drop elements onto your canvas. In Photoshop it is possible to do this instead of having to copy and paste like you do in other programs. But if you are more comfortable copying and pasting, then by all means do what is easier for you.

Supplies needed:
Pink Paradox Production’s scrap kit Gypsy Girl. You can find where to buy it here.

The tube I’m using is an Exclusive from PicsForDesign. (Thank you Andrea Finazzo for the gift). You can buy the membership for the Exclusive Club here at PicsForDesign.
Remember, you cannot use any of their tubes without a license.

Mask: Fairy Gem Square and Circle by Fairy Gem, get it here. Be sure to follow her TOU.

Use the font of your choice.

Open a canvas 600x600

Create your mask using Paper 7 & Paper 24. Place in the center of your canvas slightly offset from each other.

Open your tube, placing it on the right side of your canvas.

Open frames 1 & 2. Reduce both to 65%. Place behind the tube making sure that frame 1 is in front of frame 2. Add a drop shadow to frame 2 then rotate frame 1 to –1.4.

Open E-49. Edit>Transform>Horizontally. Reduce to 49.4% and place below your tube.

Open element E-31 reducing it to 18.7%. Add drop shadow. Flip horizontally and place it on top of the wagon.

Open element E-2 reducing it to 25%. Add a drop shadow and place it on the lower right corner of the canvas.

Open element E-19, reduce it to 16%. Add a drop shadow placing it on the lower left corner.

Open element E-21, reduce to 23%, and place it on top of the table (E-19) duplicate and add a drop shadow to the original element changing the distance to 2.

Open element E-27, reduce to 23%. Add an outer glow using the default settings.

Open element E-48, reduce to 9.5%, flip horizontal and place on table next to the crystal ball. Rotate 2102 and add drop shadow.

Open elements E-43, E-44, E-45, E-46 & E-47. Reduce to 16%. Add an outer glow to each element and lower opacity to 80%. Place them in a fan like position putting them in the top right hand corner of your canvas.

Open element E-62, reduce to 12.7%. Add a drop shadow and place in front of the table.

Open element E-60, reduce to 18.4%. Add drop shadow and place it next to element E-26.

Open element E-97, reduce to 15.5%. Rotate to 25.8, add a drop shadow and place it above the cat’s head.

Open element E-99, reduce to 15%. Rotate -22.6, add a drop shadow and place it near the top of your tubes head.

Open element E-114, reduce to width 81.4%, height 78.5%. Place in front of the frame centering it.

Open element E-57, reduce to 44%. Place behind your tube but in front of the frame. Add drop shadow.

Open element E-72, reduce to 24.7%, add a drop shadow and place in the middle of elements 60 & 62.

Open element E-78, reduce to 48%. Place behind the table and add a drop shadow.

Now add your name. Place it in the top left side of your canvas. Open the effects menu. Check drop shadow, Bevel & Emboss. Check Contour and use Ring Double contour. Shadow mode is Multiply and use these settings for the color C35D5D. Check stroke, the default size is 3 click Fill type and type in 97181E.

If you’ve used a white background, delete it.

Add your license and your watermark, reduce to the size you want and you’re done.

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