September 27, 2013


CT/PTUTutorial for Waggish Sparkles.

The creation of this tutorial is my own any resemblance to any other tutorial is strictly a coincidence.
Do not copy this tutorial or claim it as your own. If you would like to share it, please share the link to blog ONLY.
This tutorial was written using Adobe Photoshop CS5 and is for those with a working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial can be adapted for anyone with a working knowledge of PSP.

Before we start, I would like to remind you to save frequently. This is in case your program closes on you as mine is known to do. J  I save as a .psd file. This keeps your elements in layers instead of merging everything the way a .png file does. I also I do not say copy and paste your element onto your canvas. In photoshop, it is possible to drag and drop. But if you are more comfortable copying and pasting, then by all means do what is easier for you. I also use a white background while I’m making my tag but I delete it when I am finished.

Supplies needed:
Emolicious scrap kit by Waggish Sparkles. You can find where to buy it here.

The tube I’m using is and Exclusive from PicsForDesign Emo Girl Lielman. You can get it here. Remember, you cannot use any tubes without a license.

Font used is Ravie. You can use any font you want though.

Open a canvas 600x600

Frame 6 = Use these dimensions:
Width - 94.7%
Height – 113.0% Place in the center of your canvas to your liking.

Open your tube, resize it to your liking then place it on your canvas. Add a drop shadow.

Flower 2 = Reduce 34.2%. Place on the top left corner of your frame. Add a drop shadow.

Bubbles 1 = Place under the tube. I have mine looking as if she is sitting on the bubbles.

Skateboard = Reduce 46.4%. Place in the lower right hand corner of your canvas. Add a drop shadow.

Heart 1 = Reduce 26.6%. Place near the skateboard. Add a drop shadow.

Bottle 2 = Reduce 16.6%. Place in front of Heart 1. Add a drop shadow.

Emo String = Reduce 42.4%. Place on the left side of your canvas. Add a drop shadow.

Pop 1 = Reduce 34.6%. Rotate –23.3. Place on the left side of your tube. Add a drop shadow.

Butterfly 2 = Reduce 18.7%. Rotate –11.9. Add on the right side of your tube. Add a drop shadow.

Skull 2 = Reduce 24.4%. Rotate –14.9. Place near the top of the Emo String. Add a drop shadow.

Paws = Take your first copy rotate 6.1. Place behind your tube towards the top right of your frame or to your liking. Add a drop shadow. Duplicate and place that one on the lower left of your canvas or to your liking.

Heart 3 = Reduce 20.2%. Rotate 25.6. Place on the upper right side of your canvas. Add a drop shadow.

Cat 1 = Reduce 29.7%. Place on the bottom left corner of your canvas. Add a drop shadow.

Cat 2 = Reduce 27.9%. Place on the right side of your tube. Add a drop shadow.

Type the name. The color settings are FF00A1.  Size 57 points. After you type in your name, go to your blending options.
Check Drop Shadow using these settings. Color 44FF24
Blend Mode: Dissolve
Angle - 120
Distance - 0
Spread - 8
Size - 13
Check Bevel & Emboss.
Shading –
Angle 120
Check Use Global Light
Highlight mode – Screen color FFFFFF
Opacity – 75%
Shadow Mode
Multiply - Color 80FF15
Opacity 75%
Check Stroke size 1. Color is 2F241F.
Position – Outside
Blend – Normal
Opacity 100%
Place the name on the top left of your canvas.

Add your license and your watermark. Delete the white background if you used one. Save as .png and you are done.

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