February 17, 2014

With love, Marilyn

PTU CT tag made for Scrappin' Krazy Designs using the beautiful kit With Love.

The creation of this tutorial is my own any resemblance to any other tutorial is strictly a coincidence.
Do not copy this tutorial or claim it as your own. If you would like to share it, please share the link to blog ONLY.
This tutorial was written using Adobe Photoshop CS5 and is for those with a working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial can be adapted for anyone with a working knowledge of PSP.

Before we start, I would like to remind you to save frequently. This is in case your program closes on you as mine is known to do. J  I save as a .psd file. This keeps your elements in layers instead of merging everything the way a .png file does. I also I do not say copy and paste your element onto your canvas. In Photoshop, it is possible to drag and drop. But if you are more comfortable copying and pasting, then by all means do what is easier for you. I also use a white background while I’m making my tag but I delete it when I am finished.

Supplies needed:
Scrappin’ Krazy Designs, With Love scrap kit. You can find where to buy it here.

Mask: Mask 428 by Insatiable Dreams, you can find it here. Scroll down the page, all the links to her masks will be on the right.

I used Marilyn from The Art of Spazz. You can find it here.
Remember, you MUST have a license to use any tube.

Font used is Times New Roman. You can use any font you want though.

Open a canvas 500x500

E85= Reduce 71.1%. Reduce opacity to 47%. Place in the middle of your canvas.

Create your mask using paper 1. Place on your canvas to your liking.

E60: Reduce Width 85.9%, Height 80.6%. Place in the center of your canvas.

E36: Reduce 79.7%. Place in the center of your canvas or to your liking. Add a drop shadow.

Open your tube. Duplicate. De-activate the original layer so you can’t see it. Now, taking your copy, enlarge it enough to get 3 different parts of the face into the frames. This will take a few tries to get it right where you want it. When you have it the size you want it, duplicate it 2 times. Place each copy where you want in each of the frame openings. You want to keep all 3 copies the same size.
Activate your frame layer. Using your magic wand, click inside the top left of your frame. On your menu bar, click Select>Modify>Expand. The setting you will use is 4. Click OK. You will see the marching ants are still on the inside of your frame. Keep them there.
Activate the first copy of your tube that will be in the top left frame. Again, go to Select>Inverse then hit delete. This will keep what you want inside the frame while deleting the rest. (It’s easier than erasing)
Repeat these steps for the remaining two inside frames.
Once that is done, lock all those layers together so if you move one, you move them all.
Here’s a screen shot of what mine looks like at this point. Don’t worry that the full face is showing in the larger frame. Your tube and the elements will cover most of it.

E58: Reduce: Height - 66.6%. Width - 84%. Place over the long right frame to your liking. Reduce Opacity to 35%. Duplicate and place over the left side of the frame to your liking.

E28: Reduce 33.0%. Place in the lower left corner. Add a drop shadow.
Duplicate and reduce to 79.4%. Place in the lower right corner.

E39: Reduce Width - 45.7%, Height 52.1%. Place at the bottom of the top frame. As if it’s hanging off it.

E56: Flip vertically. Reduce 38.8%. Place in the middle of your canvas towards the left. Add a drop shadow.

E45: Reduce 40.5%. Place over the left top of the frame. Duplicate and place over the right side of your place.

E20: Reduce 28.7%. Place at the top left of your canvas. Add a drop shadow.

E55 = Flip Horizontally & Vertically. Reduce 48.1%. Place on the right side of your canvas to your liking. Duplicate, add a drop shadow on the lower layer only.

E48 = Reduce 51.0%. Rotate –102.5. Place on the lower left corner of the top square of your frame. Duplicate and place over E55 to your liking.

E49 = Duplicate 4 times
Original element - reduce 26.6%. Place near the feather on the left side of your canvas. Add a drop shadow
 1st copy – reduce 22.6%. Place on the lower right side of your canvas on top of the flowers. Add a drop shadow.
2nd copy – reduce 20.0%. Place on the lower frame to your liking. Add a drop shadow.
3rd copy – reduce 18.3%. Place on top of the feather, on the right side of your canvas. Add a drop shadow.
4th copy – reduce 20.4%. Place in the middle of your canvas or to your liking. Add a drop shadow.

E46 = Place on the lower half of your canvas. Duplicate, flip horizontally and place on the top half of your canvas.

E12 = Reduce 33.2%. Place as if the kitten is standing on the bottom frame or to your liking. Add a drop shadow.

Now open your tube. Reduce and place to your liking. My tube looks as if she’s sitting down so I made it look as if she’s sitting on the bottom of the long frame. Add a drop shadow.

Type the name. The color settings are FA059B.  Size 68.47 points. After you type in your name, go to your blending options.
Check Drop Shadow – Opacity is 75%. Use the default settings for everything else.
Check Outer Glow using the default settings.
Check Bevel and Emboss:
Structure: Style-Inner Bevel
Technique: Smooth
Depth: 100
Direction: Up
Use the default setting for the rest.
Check Stroke size 1, color is 9E099C. Place the name on the bottom left of your canvas.

Add your license and your watermark.

Delete the white background. Save as .png.

I hope this tutorial was easy to follow. Again, you do not have to follow this step by step. Add your own touch to it.

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