August 25, 2013

Black Widow

PTU/CT tutorial for Diva Designz.

The creation of this tutorial is my own any resemblance to any other tutorial is strictly a coincidence.
Do not copy this tutorial or claim it as your own. If you would like to share it, please share the link to blog ONLY.
This tutorial was written using Adobe Photoshop CS5 and is for those with a working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial can be adapted for anyone with a working knowledge of PSP.

Before we start, I would like to remind you to save frequently. This is in case your program closes on you as mine is known to do. J  I save as a .psd file. This keeps your elements in layers instead of merging everything the way a .png file does. I also I do not say copy and paste your element onto your canvas. In Photoshop, it is possible to drag and drop. But if you are more comfortable copying and pasting, then by all means do what is easier for you. I also use a white background while I’m making my tag but I delete it when I am finished.

Supplies needed:
Black Widow scrap kit by Diva Designz. You can find where to buy it here.

The tube I’m using is Sophia from Myka Jelina. You can get it here. Remember, you cannot use any tubes without a license.

Mask: Distorted mask made by me. You can find it here. The only TOU for my masks are to please give me credit and link back to my blog if you use it for personal use or in a tutorial.

VM Distortion – Gears filter

Font used is Heather. You can use any font you want though.

Open a canvas 600x600

Create your mask using paper 4. Place on your canvas to your liking. Lower your opacity to 67%.

Open your tube, resize it to your liking then place it on your canvas.

These elements are placed behind your tube layer:

DD_Shield Bottlecap 2 = Reduce 13.9%. Rotate 10.3. Place towards the top right part of your canvas. Add a drop shadow.

DD_Bow 3 = Reduce 13.9%. Rotate -19.3. Place it on the top left side of your tube.

DD_Rose 3 = Reduce 35.4%. Rotate 84.9. Place on the top right side of your tube.
Apply VM Distortion filter with these settings:
Teeth – 36
Strength – 13
Go to Image/Adjustments/Variations. Click Lighter twice then okay.
Duplicate, flip horizontally. Place on the lower left side of your tube.

DD_Ribbon 3 = Reduce 28.4%. Place on the right side of your canvas at the top. Add a drop shadow. Duplicate and flip horizontally. Place opposite the original copy.

DD_Moon = Reduce 15.9%. Place on the top left side of your canvas. Add a drop shadow.

DD_Music 2 = Reduce to these dimensions:
Width – 60.0%
Horizontal – 62.4%
Place in the middle left side of your canvas. Add a drop shadow.
Duplicate and rotate -9.0. Place towards the top of your canvas near the right side.

DD_Spiders Web 1 = Reduce 33.4% Place in the upper left corner of your canvas, under the moon. Duplicate 2 times.

DD_Spider 2 = Reduce 14.5%. Rotate -15.9. Place in the center of the spider web. Add a drop shadow and outer glow using the default settings.

DD_Candleabra 1 = Reduce 58.0%. Place on the right side of your canvas. Add a drop shadow. Duplicate and flip horizontally placing on the left side of your canvas.

DD_Cross 2 = Reduce 14.4%. Rotate -10.5. Place on the left side of your canvas. Add a drop shadow.

DD_Ribbon 4 = Flip horizontally. Reduce 26.0%. Rotate 3.6. Place on the stem of the left candelabra. Add a drop shadow. Duplicate and place on the right candleabra.

DD_Rose 2 = Reduce 11.8%. Rotate 56.8. Duplicate twice and place one on top of the other.

DD_Rose 3 = Reduce 8.2%. Rotate 29.3. Place on top of the bottom rose making sure the stem is covered. Merge all 4 layers down. To do this, activate the first rose, go to Layer/Merge Down or hold your CTRL button down and E. That merges the top layer with the one under it. Add a drop shadow and place it on the left side of your canvas by the candelabra. Duplicate, flip horizontally and place on the right side of your canvas towards the center, next to the right candelabra.

DD_Ribbon 4 = Click Edit/Transform/Rotate 90o CW. Reduce 49.1%. Place at the bottom of your canvas, under your tube. Add a drop shadow.

DD_Button 2 = Reduce 13.8%. Place between ribbons 3. Add a drop shadow.

These elements go in front of your tube layer.

DD_Skulls with Roses = Reduce 14.6%. Place in lower right corner of your canvas. Add as drop shadow.

DD_Skull Sconce 4 = Reduce 30.5%. Place in the middle of your canvas, centered. Open your Blending Options. Add a drop shadow using the default settings. Check Stroke:
Size – 1
Color – FFFFFF.

DD_Spider 1 = Reduce 10.0%. Rotate 50.7. Place on the skull candles to your liking. Add a drop shadow.

Add the font. Type the name. The color settings are 8612B4.  Size 72 points. After you type in your name, go to your blending options.
Check Drop Shadow & Bevel Emboss using your default settings.
Check Stroke size 3. Color is 27023D. Place the name on the top left of your canvas.

Add your license and your watermark. Delete the white background if you used one. Save as .png and you are done.

If you do this tutorial, I would love to see your results.

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